Boys' and girls' youth lacrosse, serving Amherst, Mont Vernon and the Souhegan Valley area.

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All of our coaches must at all times: 

Demonstrate high ideals, desirable attitudes, and good sportsmanship and demand the same standards for the players;

Maintain self-control at all times accepting adverse decisions without display of emotion or of dissatisfaction with the officials;

Emphasize the importance of proper sideline behavior and the necessity of restraining from entering the playing area to engage in unsportsmanlike physical or verbal behavior;

Promote the purpose of competition is to increase the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of players and the value of competition is derived from playing the game fairly;

Be modest when successful and gracious in defeat;

Provide all players the opportunity to use and develop initiative, leadership, and judgment;

Promote the physical condition and well-being of players, refusing to jeopardize the health of an individual;

Teach athletes that it is better to lose fairly than to win unfairly;

Refuse to disparage an opponent, an official or others associated with sports activities and discourage gossip and rumors;

Supervise participants under his/her immediate care.


We have a zero tolerance policy for unacceptable behavior.  A violation of the intent or spirit of the following code of conduct is grounds for action up to an including expulsion from participation for any individual. In the event a board member, coach, player, or parent violates the code of conduct, the player, board member, coach, or parent will not be allowed to participate in the league. In the event that the behavior is by a parent of a player, the player may also not be allowed to participate in the league.